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USS Enterprise NCC-1701

The USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 was a Constitution-class heavy cruiser that was commissioned in 2245. The vessels most famous assignment was the five-year mission of exploration and diplomacy under Captain James T. Kirk's command.

The first commanding officer of the Enterprise was Christopher Pike, who served as captain for more than a decade prior to Kirk's fabled voyages. Following Kirk's five-year mission, the Enterprise was out of service for two-and-a-half-years, undergoing an extensive rebuild and upgrade while in dry-dock orbiting Earth under the command of Willard Decker.

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USS Enterprise - Galileo Shuttlecraft

Galileo ShuttlecraftDesert LiftoffGalileo over LavaNight LandingGalileo DockingAlien WorldRunning HotFireGalileo in OrbitAloneWaitingFoggy MountainsGalileo High AltitudeGalileo Desert

USS Lexington NCC-1709

A Constitution-class starship, commanded by Commodore Robert Wesley. Appeared in the TOS episode The Ultimate Computer and the DS9 episode Trials and Tribble-ations. The starship participated in disastrous tests of the M-5 computer, in which 53 crew members were killed.

Here we see the final moments of the USS Lexington. After being ambushed by three Klingon cruisers the Lexington suffered heavy damage. Knocked out of orbit the Lexington crashed onto the planet B'lkin. The resulting anti-matter explosion casued massive damage to the planet's biosphere.

Fiery Death

USS Valley Forge - Independence Class Freighter

Detailed in the Federation Reference Series and the U.S.S. Independence Class Armed Freighter Blueprints. This was Starfleet's primary freighter design with most of the freighters referred to during TOS and TAS being assigned to this class.


Independence in service from 2229. 100 vessels (all new builds). NCC-F1300 to NCC-F1399 Freedom in service from 2231. 100 vessels (all new builds). NCC-F1400 to NCC-F1499 Equality in service from 2234. 100 vessels (all new builds). NCC-F1500 to NCC-F1599 Liberty in service from 2235. 100 vessels (all new builds). NCC-F1600 to NCC-F1699 Justice in service from 2237. 100 vessels (all new builds). NCC-F1700 to NCC-F1799 Fraternity in service from 2239. 14 vessels (all new builds). NCC-F1800 to NCC-F1813. Whilst the visual design of the Independence class is based upon the U.S.S. Huron from the TAS episode "The Pirates of Orion" it is not actually a very good likeness. We can only presume that the Huron was modified at some time before the events of that episode, possibly to one of the other sub-classes.

FreighterKlingon AttackResupplyValley Forge OrbitAsteroid ConvoyVF BlastValley Forge Dark


All Alone in the Night

Space Station K-7

Deep Space Station K-7

USS Revere Saladin Class Scout

The Saladin Class Scout and Hermes Class Destroyer are two nearly identical single-nacelled ship types.

USS Revere

Federation Light Fighter

Light Fighter AftLight Fighter Beauty ShotFighter Combat

Diplomatic Visit

USS Coronado Through Deck Carrier

From Ships of the Star Fleet, Volume 1. Entered service in 2258. A total of six were built with the registries NCC-1975 to NCC-1980 Originally shuttle carriers they were reclassified when the Ariel class entered service.

The LUG RPG supplement Planets of the UFP has a U.S.S. Coronado discovering Cestus III in 2258. It seems that someone at LUG has some familiarity with treknical fandom works. However, the later Decipher publication Starfleet Operations Manual makes the U.S.S. Coronado a member of the Ranger class. Ships of the Star Fleet, Volume 1 also mentions the later, Advance class through deck cruisers, NCC-1981 to NCC-1986. However no clues are given to the design of these ships. Jackill's Ships of the Fleet (Volume II) features the Oriskany class through deck cruiser, a standard movie era refit of the Coronado. All existing Coronado class vessels would be refitted and additional units would be built, NCC-1950 to NCC-1984. The U.S.S. Oriskany herself is NCC-1976.

USS CoronadoUSS Coronado Aft ViewCoronado DepartureUSS Coronado Blue

USS Huron Cargo Drone

USS Huron NCC-F1913

USS HuronUSS Huron Aft

Sherman class cargo drone

Detailed in the Federation Reference Series and the U.S.S. Sherman Class Cargo Drone Blueprints. Two vessels of this class appeared in the animated episode "More Tribbles, More Troubles". NCC-G1465 and NCC-G14?? Jackill's Ships of the Fleet (Volume III) features the Pershing class, NCC-G1400 a movie era refit of this vessel that entered service in 2266. At least 98 out of a proposed 100 were built.

USS Sherman

Cochrane Class Scout

Cochrane Class ScoutCochrane Class Scout Aft

USS MacArthur Shuttlecarrier (CVA)

The Grand Alliance launched Operation Remus early in Y181. This was a three-pronged offensive. A Federation fleet, including the CVA MacArthur, was aimed directly at the nearer Romulan capital (Remus) from a new base in the original Neutral Zone. A Gorn fleet drove into Romulan territory and was supposed to rendezvous with MacArthur at Remus.

The Kzinti fleet (headed by the SCS Titan and the PFT Unicorn) was to screen the open rimward flank of the Federation force by operating independently on their right. [This force was the same one that was originally deployed in Tholian space.] This was the key to Operation Remus. The Romulans did not suspect that a Kzinti fleet was anywhere near their territory, assuming that the expeditionary fleet (which had disappeared from Tholian territory) had gone home. The Federation attack engaged the 5th Star Legion and destroyed the heavy carrier Imperial Standard. The MacArthur then headed straight for Remus. The Gorns, however, had less success. With a weaker fleet due to their previous losses and strong Romulan forces in their sector (which was a shorter path from the front line to the Romulan capital), they were unable to drive directly toward Remus but were diverted west toward the Federation. The Gorn admiral reasoned that by rendezvousing with the Federation and Kzinti forces to the west of Remus, they could make a concerted drive on the capital. In any event, this rendezvous never took place, freeing some Romulan ships for use against the Federation. (Later, there would be sharp words from the Federation council to the Gorn ambassador, who was able to restore the good image of his race as allies only by promising to send a fleet to Operation Cavalry.)

The Romulans positioned the Gemini and the 3rd Star Legion to hit the MacArthur from the flank, but the Kzinti fleet, which was operating in the chaos of the Romulan rear, caught the Romulans at anchor. The badly broken 3rd Star Legion, with the gutted Gemini in tow, retreated into the relatively unoccupied areas of the Empire near the galactic rim. Gemini would be repaired, but not for three years. The Kzintis, reasoning that their job was to screen and that they had eliminated everything worth screening, withdrew on the pretext of a minor Klingon attack on the Kzinti front. This action, considered treachery by many in the Federation, ultimately worsened (although it did not cause) the disaster.

The MacArthur finally reached Remus, destroying virtually every military and industrial facility in the entire system. Leviathan and several other ships under construction but still incomplete had been towed to Romulus and were saved, but everything else was lost.

The battle was not, however, entirely a Romulan defeat. Some ten flotillas of the new PFs, until then untested in battle, ripped into the Federation fleet. They ignored all other ships, concentrating their attack on the "Big Mac". At terrible loss, they were successful, and MacArthur (unable to separate its saucer section) crashed into the planet. It landed uncontrolled directly into the capital city (also called Remus), at which point the nuclear reactors exploded in a 174-megaton explosion. The entire planet was reduced, quite literally, to the stone age in the ensuing planet-wide earthquake and the brief "nuclear winter" that kept the planet shrouded in clouds for three years.

As the Federation fleet withdrew, however, they were attacked by the 1st Star Legion and Colossus, which had picked up PFs at Romulus and then penetrated the gap left by the Kzintis. Advised of what had happened to Remus (which was the home world for many of the officers and crewmen of the Romulan fleet), the Romulans pressed home their attacks with a ferocity which, even for Romulans, was incomprehensible. Most of the Federation force was destroyed in the long pursuit that followed.

"A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE GENERAL WAR"Copyright (c) 1995 Amarillo Design Bureau


The USS MacArthur design is from Star Fleet Battles and the original design is copyrighted to ADB Inc.

F101-C Voodoo Federation Heavy Fighter

F101-C TopF101-C Lower

The F101-C Voodoo design is from Star Fleet Battles and the original design is copyrighted to ADB Inc.

USS Burke Frigate

USS Burke - FrigateUSS Burke - Frigate - Underside


The USS Burke design is from Star Fleet Battles and the original design is copyrighted to ADB Inc.

USS Ramius Battle Frigate

Federation Battle Frigate ForeFederation Battle Frigate Aft

USS Ramius (NCC-471) is a Federation battle frigate starship in service with Starfleet. As the General War progressed the Burke-Class Frigates and the Ramius design was produced as a potential replacement. Although the War Destroyer design was eventually selected to replace the Burke-Class Frigate, several Battle Frigates were built.

The Federation Battle Frigate design is from Star Fleet Battles and the original design is copyrighted to ADB Inc.

Federation Police Cutter

Federation Police Cutter

The Federation Police Cutter design is from Star Fleet Battles and the original design is copyrighted to ADB Inc.

USS Federation Dreadnought

The Federation-class dreadnought was a type of Federation starship in operation during the 23rd century. Based on the standard Starfleet design tree and hull components of the time, the Federation-class was a bulkier upgrade to the Constitution-class heavy cruiser, employing an additional sensor and navigational deflector dish, a relocated shuttlecraft bay, but most notably a third-nacelle.

USS Federation - OrangeUSS Federation - Gas Giant

Nomad Interstellar Probe

On stardate 3451.9, the starship USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, investigates a distress call from the Malurian star system. Upon arrival, Mr. Spock reports that all life in the system has been destroyed and Malur, a world with a recorded population of 4 billion, is now devoid of life. There isn't even contact from the Federation science team that was on the planet. Suddenly, the Enterprise's shields activate when a meter-long cylindrical object attacks the ship with energy bolts equivalent to the strength of 90 photon torpedoes. Kirk orders a return fire, but the ship's weapon energy is simply absorbed by the object. Kirk then transmits a hail and the object stops firing. Curiously, the object responds and requests in-person communication with the Captain, and allows itself to be beamed aboard the ship. Once on board, the object identifies itself as a space probe named Nomad, and oddly refers to Captain Kirk as "the Creator". Checking historical records, Mr. Spock finds information that the Nomad space probe was launched from Earth during the early 21st Century; its mission was to explore the galaxy, just like the Enterprise.

Nomad was created on Earth in the year 2002 by scientist Jackson Roykirk. Nomad's program was to seek out new life and report back to Earth. Damaged in space by a meteor, Nomad drifted until it found Tan Ru, an alien probe designed to sterilize soil. Using their self-repair systems, the two probes combined themselves into one. Nomad's programming was damaged, and by joining with Tan Ru's, then believed its mission was to seek out life and destroy anything that it does not believe perfect.

Nomad In SickbayNomad In Sickbay

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The original designs for Kurita class Klingon attack fighter and the Federation Light Fighter are from Eric Kristiansen's excellent Guide to Light Attack Craft Manual. If you're interested in Sci-Fi blueprints, check this book out.

The Romulan scout is a kitbash from an original mesh by Kevin Riley.from a design by Brian Gillies.

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