Operation Return

Defiant Under AttackUSS Kingston RunaboutJem Hadar Chase

Wormhole OpeningCustoms InspectionThe Dominion

WarRescuePlanetary Survey

Under AttackFull Speed, Now!Asteroid belt

Canyon RunEmergencyClass N Survey

USS SaratogaMission PodYahoo


Fleet 5Death of a RunaboutRed Sun

Defiant AmbushUSS Centaur DepartureJem'Hadar Explosion

Defiant DepartureAnd Then it Went BangWe're Hit

Photon SalvoRunabout FiringDefiant Sunset


DS9 Mesh Copyright Andras Asztalos
Runabout Meshes Copyright Martin Hajek (Mission Pod by Mateen Greenway).
USS Defiant Mesh Copyright Martin Hajek
USS Excelsior, USS Saratoga Meshes by Eric Peterson with Additional Texturing on the Excelsior by Matt Allen
Jem Hadar Mesh by Joerg Gerlach.
Workbee Mesh by H. Gibbens, Interior and Enhancements by Mateen Greenway

USS Centaur kitbash by Mateen Greenway from USS Excelsior by Eric Peterson

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