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Drift stately canals of Mars. Escort caravans through the desert domains of the steppe nomads. Fight the winged warriors and cloud ships of the Martian Sky Lords.
Undertake a secret mission for the crown on Venus. Elude the agents of the Kaiser; avoid capture by the German war zeppelins; survive the steaming, Venusian swamps, with their savage amphibious natives and gigantic dinosaurs.
Explore the mysterious caverns and grottos of Luna. Venture deep into the dark interior on search of the Selenites.

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Everything Jules Verne could have written.
Everything H.G. Wells should have written.
Everything A. Conan Doyle thought of but never published - because it was too fantastic.


Beneath a constant shroud of clouds, Venus is a swamp world drenched by nearly continuous rainfall. Much of the surface is covered by a shallow ocean that averages less than ten feet deep. The plants are similar to those of the Mesozoic age of Earth, and dinosaurs roam the jungles.

Venus is home to the Lizardmen, a race of intelligent humanoids. Most of them roam the jungles in small bands, though some of the more advanced tribes had developed agriculture before the arrival of Europeans. Recently, several countries have set up trading stations, where merchants exchange tools and rubber items for the exotic plants harvested by the Lizardmen. Venusian plants are much in demand on Earth as ingredients in drugs and dyes, and collectors of fine flowers find Venusian blooms to be of great beauty.

The exploration of Venus has been hampered by the constant storms and rain, which make aerial scouting dangerous. A more significant complication, however, is the effect that the Venusian magnetic field has on liftwood. It causes the wood to rapidly loose its anti-gravity properties. In fact, the first three British expeditions to the planet failed to return when their flyers were unable to reach flight altitude. It was not until the German expedition of 1879-80, which used hydrogen gas for lift, that the truth was learned from the few survivors of the earlier expeditions. German mastery of Zeppelin technology has meant that they have dominated the exploration of Venus ever since.

Venus is hot and damp -- the few human settlers make their homes in the highlands which are cooler and lack swamps. The British, Russians, and Italians have all set up colonies, but by far the largest European settlement is that of the German empire. It's capital, Venusstadt, is the largest and most civilized city on the planet -- the residence of the Governor and his family boasts an air conditioning system!


A Message From Our Venus Correspondent

While Venus is a hot and oppressive planet, the thing that vexes me most is the very little fresh air that one is able to get. Both my husband and myself have to have servant behind our chairs to flick away the venusian insects with horse-tails.

Strange cockroach-like creatures as big as mice run along the floors like pairs of minature coach-horses; venusian fire bats fly into the bedrooms; lizards crawl up the walls; red ants have become so numerous that the legs of tables have had to be placed into saucers of water; other insects are denied access to mine glasses by silver covers.

Another servant's sole duty is to go around the house wiping the damp from the writing-tables. But even so, writing paper quickly becomes unusable; books become mouldy and discoloured; My husband's dispatch box has assumed the appearance of a bottle of curious old port - white and fungus-y; shoes get furry with mildew in a day; hat linings erupt in distasteful lumps; rotting gloves have to be thrown away by the dozen.

Source: Letter from Lady Charlotte Channing


Venus Political Map

Venus Map

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Key to the map.

A. Fort Collingswood, on the Victoria Plateau, center of the British colony.

B. Venusstadt, in the Kaiser Wilhelm Mountains, the center of the German colony.

C. Nuova Firenza, on the Sappho Plateau, center of the Italian colony.

D. Aphrodite Mountains, the center of Russian interest.


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