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Japan maintains a permanent trading station at Euxinus Lacus on Mars, as well as a military and scientific outpost (Unebi Station) some 100 miles west of the city along the dead canal to Herculis. Relations with the prince of Euxinus Lacus are strained, but there have been no outbreaks of violence to date. Nevertheless, Japan maintains a regiment of infantry at Unebi Station, a company of which is always on duty at the trading station and legation compound in Euxinus Lacus


Yashima-Class Aerial Gunboat

In 1187 the Japanese placed their first order for a purpose-built military ship, the Yashima, and this was delivered early in 1888 from the British yards at Syrtis Major. Recently an identical vessel has been constructed on Earth at the new Yokosuka Naval Yards and serves with the Imperial Japanese Home Fleet. The design of the Yashima class was influenced heavily by the British Reliant, as the prominent armoured wing sponsons indicate. The Japanese naval ministry has announced a further modest naval building program as well.


Yashima class aerial gunboat: built by Royal Navy Shipyard, Syrtis Major, Mars
Engine: triple expansion steam engine with 250 horsepower, imported from Earth
Length: 93 feet Beam: 24 feet
Height: 17 feet (not counting the funnel)
Weight 250 tons
Maximum speed at sea level: 70 knots
Ceiling: 10,500 feet
Range: 700 miles
Endurance: 20 Days
Armament: 2 3" guns in armoured sponsons, wing mounts . 1 4" long gun in stern tower. 2 1-pounder HRCs, forward. 2 1" Gatlings, broadside. 4 0.5" Gatlings, broadside.
Crew: 26 (six officers, twenty enlisted).

YashimaYashima Aft

Deployment of Ships of the Yashima-Class

Ship Launched Current Station
Yashima 1888 Unebi Station
Fuji 1889 Yokosuka

"What was that chap's name again, Sah Major?"
"The Yank, sah? John Carter, sah."
"Oh, yes. A Virginian. Gone native, eh?"
"Yes, Sah. Marshies say he's more more Martian than they are. 'He is made of the sands of the deserts, with the waters of the canals flowing through his veins.' What rot."
"Pity. But what can one expect from an American..."

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