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Castle Coutyard

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Animation Encoded with DIVX 5.04

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Tardis in Time Corridor

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Animation Encoded with Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2



That Old Time Religion ArrivalTardis Approching EarthIce AgeCityDoctor in DangerLooks Cold to MeMaelstromRoman BathsTardis DuskTardis near houseTardis in OZTardis in Orbit

Tardis Interior

InteriorAssistant in TardisOn Course

New Tardis Console

The Master's Laser Screwdriver

The Master latest handheld weapon is a laser screwdriver. The Master mocks the Doctor by saying, "Laser screwdriver. Who'd have sonic?" The device functions as a powerful laser weapon, capable of killing with a single shot. It also carries the ability to age victims rapidly, using a condensed version of the genetic manipulator developed by Professor Lazarus. The screwdriver itself also consists of isomorphic technology, a biometric security feature which effectively disables use of the device by anyone other than the Master.

Laser Screwdriver 01Laser Screwdriver 02


Space Freighter

The Robot K1

Experimental Prototype Robot K1 was a robot designed in the 20th century by Professor J.P. Kettlewell to replace Humans in dangerous environments, like mining or handling radioactive materials, but it was subverted by a group of intellectuals from the National Institute for Advanced Scientific Research, or "Think Tank" who wanted to take political power for themselves.

The Robot


Quarks at Work


Dalek Invasion Earth ExterminateResistance is Futile

First WaveHoverboutsGot im!

Dalek BaseDalek ControlDalek Corridor

Skaro PatrolDalek BattlefleetWe Obey

Clay PitDalek Special Weapons PlatformTest Bed

Dalek SW Platform SideDalek Omega Fighter/BomberDalek Omega Fighter/Bomber Aft

Dalek Invasion Force

New Series Daleks

Dalek Team

Mesh Modelled from the excellent New Series Dalek (NSD) Plans issued by Project Dalek

New Series Supreme Dalek

Supreme DalekSupreme Dalek FiringSupreme Dalek UplitSupreme Dalek on Plinth

Mesh Modelled from the excellent New Series Supreme Dalek (NSS) Plans issued by Project Dalek

Davros - Creator of the Daleks

Davros Travel ChairDavros

Mesh Modelled from the excellent Davros Travel Chair Plans issued by Project Dalek


Cybership 100-1136 Aft LowCybership 100-1136 Aft HighCybership 100-1136 Fore High

Cybership 100-1136 Fore Low


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Title Logo and animated Tardis by Scarecrow who has also designed and built the new Spider Daleks.

Dalek Saucer and Mk4 Dalek Meshes Copyright Eric Peterson.

Space Freighter, Imperial Dalek Lander, Heavy Weapons and Emperor Daleks Copyright Mateen Greenway

Tardis Interior Copyright Michael Imrie
Tardis' by Mateen Greenway and James Murphy (Tobor)

Leia Figure Copyright SWMA.
Dalek Control modified from a Sci-Fi Art Starship Bridge mesh

Missiles Public Domain

Doctor Who is a co-production between BBC Worldwide Ltd & Universal Television
© BBC Worldwide Ltd/Universal Television 1997