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DSV-2 Liberator

The Liberator was a deep space battle cruiser, equipped with powerful weapons, force field protection, and a system of "battle computers". The ship was originally built by a race of beings known as "The System". The System referred to the ship as DSV2 ("Deep Space Vehicle 2"), a designation that suggests it was specifically designed for long-range forays outside the territory controlled by The System, and confirming more than one such ship had ever been made. It had at least one sister ship, which was destroyed by Orac.

The ship was controlled by an advanced Artificial Intelligence computer calling itself Zen. DSV2 first appeared after it was involved in a space battle, (of which no further details have ever been discovered), and apparently abandoned by its crew as a result of severe battle damage. Temporary abandonment of the ship may be necessary until the auto-repair systems can restore life support after serious damage. DSV2 was encountered by the Federation prison ship London. The captain of the London decided to try to salvage the ship, but the first few crew members sent in were killed or disabled by DSV2's automated defence systems. At the suggestion of his second-in-command, the London's captain then ordered the prisoners Roj Blake, Kerr Avon, and Jenna Stannis to enter the ship. These three succeeded in taking control of the ship and making good their escape.

The name Liberator was then applied to the ship by Zen based on a telepathic suggestion by Jenna. Blake proceeded to use Liberator's superior technical abilities in his bid to attack and defeat the Federation until he disappeared during the battle of Star One. Avon then took over command of the Liberator and continued to harass the Federation until Liberator was destroyed after passing through a cloud of corrosive micro-organisms.

DiscoveryLiberator in OrbitTarget in SightSolar TransitEarth Approach

Asteroid BeltBlastStealth ApproachAsteroid BeltLiberator Close Approach

Asteroid AssaultLiberator BlastLiberator RibbonLiberator Breaking OrbitLiberator Orbit Side

Liberator FiringBangLiberator DamagedLiberator and Space StationLiberator Dark

Liberator DepartureLiberator in Asteroid Belt

Magazine Covers


I recently created a render of the Liberator in combat for the cover of issue 2 of the excellent Star One fanzine Which is available as a free download here.


Star One Issue 2

Here is a clean render of the cover image.

Libererator Blue


Liberator Firing Blakes's 7 Intro Liberator Firing

Liberator Firing

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Blake 7 Titles

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Liberator 30 View

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"The System" Patrol Ship

Spaceworld Scouts


Prison Ship London

The Prison Ship London is one of many commercial space vessels based on a standard design.

LiftoffFederation Tanker ConvoyLondon Earth Departure

London Earth Departure



Federation Cargo Ships

Serving the corrupt and despotic Federation these huge cargo ships were designed to carry numerous types of cargo between planets, trading stations and ports throughout the Federation and beyond. Although the cargo ships were equipped with strong defences, they only mounted limited offensive weaponry, so they often travel in convoys escorted by Federtaion Combat Ships to defend them from hostile situations.

Federation Cargo Ship


Federation Pursuit Ships

The Terran Federation, sometimes simply called The Federation, is the primary stellar government. It is a ruthless, fascist, totalitarian state.

The Federation maintained control of its citizens through fear and through dosing the air and water with pacification drugs. In extreme cases such as Roj Blake's, brainwashing and re-programming were used. In at least one case, a planet was equipped with a radiation bomb that would wipe out the inhabitants in the case of rebellion. The Kommissar indicated that the incident of rebellion was less than one in 100,000 and that many of these were snuffed out in youth. Despite all these efforts, or perhaps because of them, the Federation was never able to quite stamp out resistance.

The Federation's main seat of power is located on Earth, the capital world where most inhabitants serve with drug-induced loyalty. The Federation was commanded by the President of the High Council, below which was the Supreme Commander, who was in control of the military and Space Command. At the beginning of the series, Servalan held the position of Supreme Commander. Later, when Star One began to break down, she staged a coup and took over as President. She initially ruled alone, without a High Council or a Supreme Commander. The High Council was later restored. Servalan's absence after the destruction of the Liberator led to her downfall. She was referred to after her downfall as the Supreme Empress.

The fastest known Federation pursuit ships, of the Starburst class, have a known maximum (emergency) speed of TD-10.

Power DivePlanet OrbitPatrolFederation FleetLaunchWing HitPursuit Ship Approach

Magazine Covers


I recently created a render of the the Federation forces at the Battle of Star One for the cover of issue 3 of the excellent Star One fanzine Which is available as a free download here.


Star One Issue 3

Here is a clean render of the cover image.

Battle of Star One


Spacemaster V

Federation Courier

Horizon - B7 Society

All Blakes 7 Ships Modelled by Mateen Greenway from Plans Contained in the
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