Fireball XL5

Fireball XL5 on Region 2 DVD!

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Set around 2067, "Fireball XL5" is about a spacecraft of the same name, and its crew of Steve Zodiac, Venus, Matthew "Matt" Matic, Robert the Robot, and Zoonie - a Lazoon - who patrol Sector 25, and their missions in space. Fireball XL5 is just one of a fleet of 'XL' vehicles of the World Space Patrol, a world space agency of the 21st Century.

Fireball XL5 Theme (WAV 746K)

On CourseXL5 HomecomingAlien Encounter

Mars LandingBleak PlanetXL5 Closeup

Nebula TransitSpace CitySpace City Closeup

XL FleetXL5 Full ThrustXL5 Moon Landing

Fireball XL5

Fireball XL5 Mesh originally by Bruce Brachman Converted to 3d Studio Max by Mateen Greenway. With additional detail work by Dave Kleve and Mateen Greenway

Space City Mesh by Mateen Greenway

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