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Supercar tells the story of a wonderful new vehicle, the 'super-car' of the future, and the adventures which befell it and the people who used it. The basic formula for the series was the same as in many others; heroes thwarting the villains. The heroes in this series were five characters who lived and worked in an isolated laboratory set deep in the heart of the Nevada desert at Black Rock - the home base of the Supercar! Two scientists (Professor Popkiss and Doctor Beaker), a test pilot (Mike Mercury), a small 'orphaned' boy (Jimmy Gibson) and his mischievous pet monkey called Mitch. It was never really made clear who the group worked for, or what they and their laboratory were doing in the desert.

Supercar Theme (Real Audio 125k)


Supercar Liftoff

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Building CloseupDeep in the Heart of TexasAztec Adventure

Supercar Mesh by Mick Imrie, converted to 3D Studio Max by Mateen Greenway. For more details see the Gerry Anderson Craft Computer Models

To learn more about the work of Gerry Anderson visit the Supermarionation home page.

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