Space 1999

In 1999 there are 300 men and women living and working on a base on the Moon, Moonbase Alpha. On 13th September 1999, stored nuclear waste on the Moon explodes, flinging the Moon out of orbit. Drifting on a random course through deep space, the Moon and the crew of Alpha encounter aliens and strange worlds.

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Space 1999 1st Season Theme (WAV 372K)
Space 1999 Season 2 Theme (WAV 362K)

Eagle Transporter

Moonbase Alpha's workhorse spacecraft.

Rescue EagleHomeward BoundIn Orbit

Eagle FlightEagle ThrustPlanetary Survey

Dark PlanetHomeward Leg

Mark 9 Hawk

Hawk Attack

Moonbase Alpha Commlock

Commlock FrontCommlock Back


Black Sun


Eagle Homecoming

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Alpha Moonbase

Eagle Transporter Mesh by James Murphy

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