Who am I?

Mateen Greenway

My name is Mateen Greenway. I'm fifty years old. I'm married and have no children.

The picture on the left was actually taken standing on the lawn of my late friend Geo. Proctor in Arlington Texas.

How did I get started in 3D Graphics?

Well, I suppose you could say that it was all OJ Simpson's fault. I was working near Frankfurt in Germany for six month and the only thing on TV in English was OJ's trial on CNN. Consequently I was able to find lots of time in the evenings to lead 3D Graphics. I started out using Caligari trueSpace, which is a low-cost but very powerful graphics package, running on a laptop. trueSpace is also a good starter package because fully working and non-time limited early versions of it often appear on magazine coverdisks (at least they do in the UK and US) with attractive upgrade offer.

What do I do for a living?

I work for a very large American Computer Company... Click on the logo to visit their website HP Enterprise Services

Where Do I Live?


I live in the town of Kingston-upon-Thames in England. Which is in South West London, as shown on the map below. For more details of the area or more detailed views click on the map itself.

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